Password Manager XP

Password Manager XP 3.0.547

Password Manager XP - is a program that will help you systematize...

Password Manager XP - is a program that will help you systematize secret information stored on your PC. You will forget about all your headaches which were caused by loss of passwords, access codes and other sensitive information.

You`ll be able to store all your logins, passwords, PIN codes, credit card numbers and their access codes, and any other confidential information in one place.

Password Manager XP allows you to create a several databases for storing your information. Each database will have its own access password and will be encrypted with various algorithms.

Encryption scheme of your sensitive data can involve usage of several algorithms at a time, what significantly increases protection against crackers.

Besides the program provides operating mode with autoclosure of databases, what decreases probability of stealing your data (for example, you have been called out by your chief or you simply forgot to quit the program).

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Password Manager XP


Password Manager XP 3.0.547

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